The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Tea Party Throwdown

Russel and Taylor Armstrong

“We don’t say that he hits you,” Camille  yells. “We don’t say that he broke your jaw or that he beat you up and he hits you. We don’t say that. But now we said it!” That’s what the promo for tonight features, and the episode sure doesn’t disappoint. At Lisa’s formal tea party of all places, the drama is higher than ever.

Before Camille’s insistence that Taylor comes clean about being abused by Russel, which wraps up the episode, Taylor stands strong against Lisa’s bullying. “I’m trying to find self-esteem. I’m trying to be who you are. or who you are or who you are,” she says, pointing at Lisa and Adrienne. “But I’m not there yet.” Although I think everyone’s sick of how timid and weak Taylor has been in the face of Lisa’s attacks as well the accusations that her husband hits her, this was hardly the response viewers were looking for.

“You don’t need to be who I am or she is, you need to be yourself,” says Lisa. Although she has been awful to Taylor, especially regarding her low weight, Lisa is definitely right on with this one. Instead of owning up to her own issues and taking action to protect herself against her husband, Taylor is simply trying to present the strong front the other women portray. The problem is the other women aren’t acting, but actually are stable, happy and confident (okay by reality tv standards, and except for Kim, but that’s another issue).

What disturbed me even more than Taylor’s lack of confidence was how almost all of friends either didn’t believe her or thought she was exaggerating about Russel abusing her. I guess I can understand how the public might not buy her claims. But her best friends?

They might’ve been put together for TV, but they still spend a lot of time together. Of course some people lie about abuse for whatever reason, but I think it’s awful that some of Taylor’s best friends automatically assume she’s lying just because they haven’t seen her injusries with their own eyes.

Given all of Taylor and Russel’s issues, this season of The Real Housewives has gotten way too heavy for my taste. Especially given how much the other women are ganging up against her. I miss the plastic the surgery and Giggy drama!


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Your Face or Mine

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Taylor, Botox, Paul

This season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has an unexpectedly dark tone to it due to the recent suicide of Taylor’s husband amid the allegations that he abused her. While the abuse hasn’t come out on the show yet, the cause of Taylor’s downward spiral and mental breakdown is well known and from the previews it looks like Camille outs the real cause to the country in the next episode.

While some people have blamed the franchise for his suicide, I think Russel as a consenting adult (who happened to have made a lot of money of the show) knew what he was getting himself into and would have done the same thing regardless. Taylor boldly notes she’s lucky it was a suicide rather than a murder-suicide, which some domestic violence situations lead to.

It’s hard to watch Taylor’s struggle, but it’s also hard to watch what Kim’s going through. Paul’s sweet side comes out when he gently points out her droopy eyelids and slurred speech, which have sparked accusations that she’s drinking again (last season it was revealed she’s an alcoholic), or even worse doing some sort of hard drugs (ahem Brandy). Paul gets to the root of the issue in this episode, coaxing Kim to list off her drug cocktail and encouraging her to adjust it.

The reason Kim has been acting so erratic is also revealed. It turns out she has a secret boyfriend of over a year, and is moving our of Beverly Hills to move in with him. This reduces Kyle to tears, which comes off a little selfish to me considering how lonely her sister has been since her kids went off to college.

The seance featured in this episode is a little gimmicky, and the psychic clearly didn’t even go past the first page of a Google search to come up with her “visions”.

It’s nice that there’s some real drama on the show for once, but it is a little depressing given all of the serious issues going on. Even Camille was hit hard this episode when she discovers Kelsey is filing for full custody after being completely absent from their kids lives since leaving her out of the blue for his pregnant girlfriend.