The Real Houswives of Atlanta: Surpisingly Rich

Kroy and Kim, pregnant

This episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta was all about relationships.

Kim reveals that even though her and Kroy are moving “slow” (despite being 8 months pregnant with his child), she’s ready to get engaged as soon as Kroy pops the question. All of the ladies fawn over Kroy when he throws Kim an adorable surprise party, complete with a personal masseuse for Kim to ease her pregnancy pain. Kroy seems like a genuinely good guy, and it’s hilarious to see how the down home country boy deals with over-the-top Kim. What are Kim’s favorite things?  Louis Vitton, wigs and jewels. Kroy’s? Hunting, football and beer.

Phaedra’s strange obsession with death is revealed this episode when she tries to convince Apollo that they should open a funeral home together. She wants it to be the Ritz of funeral homes, and is sure to mention she’s especially interested in catering to spouses whose life insurance policies have kicked in.

Where this fascination came from is a mystery, especially since given her successful career as an entertainment lawyer she’s not exactly lacking in income. Apollo is thoroughly freaked out, and even though he has trouble keeping a job because of his criminal record he has no interest in any career related to death. Between this rejection and the revelation that they aren’t having sex anymore, Apollo and Phaedra don’t seem to be doing very well.

Meanwhile, Cynthia, Kandi and NeNe all head down to Miami to get some time away. Although everyone seems to vilify NeNe, I feel sorry for her. She is going through a divorce with an absent and cold Greg, and hasn’t been with anyone else her entire life. Even when a group of cute guys hits on the girls on the beach, the usually outspoken NeNe is so caught off guard she backs away like a scared little puppy.

As for Cynthia, who knows how her marriage is doing. By the looks of next week’s episode, its seems Peter and Apollo are the one’s getting into a cat fight instead of the ladies. Can’t wait!