Sister Wives

One man, four wives, 16 kids. Television genius right? That’s what TLC thought when renewing the second season for its popular show, Sister Wives. While scripted shows like HBO’s Big Love have addressed modern polygamist culture, Sister Wives is the first reality show featuring plural marriage.

The whole concept of polygamy completely freaks me out. My husband spending one-fourth of his nights in bed with another woman? How is that fair! But Browns definitely give a different perspective on the lifestyle, and dispel the myth that all polygamists live on compounds with child brides and no modern technology. It seems unfair that they get so much attention from authorities while thousands of other families living this lifestyle are ignored, but I guess that’s the price you pay for being so public about it.

All in all, the Browns are a relatively normal religious family. There are fights and clashes just like any family, but everyone genuinely seems to love each other. Robin is Kody’s newest wife, and although there are some jealousy issues (she’s much better looking, younger, and weighs a good 50 pounds less than the other wives), in each episode she and her kids seem to fit in the family more and more.

The Browns recently moved to Las Vegas (not really sure how this fits in with their conservative lifestyle but ok) after being chased out of Utah by authorities trying to make an example out of them. Although they previously had one large house with one bedroom and mini house for each of the wives (Kody moves around), in Las Vegas they’re forced to rent four houses in the same neighborhood. This messes with the group dynamic, and causes the family to spend less and less time together. Still, the Browns still spend much more family time than most, and there relationships with each other are really sweet.

Here’s a look at the wives on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Do you think you could do it?