Pan Am: Unscheduled Departure

Despite all the hype leading up to the show, Pan Am is still struggling to find loyal fans. According to this article, despite the show’s dismal performance in the U.S., it’s an international superstar. In Sweden, it’s even the most popular foreign series ever. Too bad there aren’t more Swedish people in the U.S!

In this episode, the captain makes the tough decision to make an emergency landing after a passenger has a heart attack. The conditions in Haiti are anything but welcoming, with a hurricane shutting down the airport and causing chaos everywhere. This episode might be entertaining, but it’s definitely nowhere close to believable.

What’s so crazy about this episode?

1. The crew chooses to land a plane in a hurricane with no runway lights and no ground crew. Helping an almost dead old man is definitely not worth almost killing hundreds of people on board.

2. The runway lights turn on 5 seconds before they land. That’s safe considering they didn’t even know they’re close to the ground. Couldn’t they have just circled until they saw the lights come on? I get the guy is in danger but seriously! He can wait 2 minutes.

3. Armed Haitians are everywhere. On the plane. In the woods. And yet the crew still thinks it’s a good idea to pay them off and wonder into the wilderness to find a doctor while people with guns take over their plane.

4. The Captain takes off using a technique that’s apparently meant for fighter jets since the runway is too short. The passengers even have to get rid of all their luggage to help make the plane lighter. Again, everything was miraculously okay.

5. The old man dies anyway. Why was this all worth it again?

Take a look at what Mike Vogel thinks of the episode. Clearly he’s more impressed than I am.