Fashion Hunters

Chanel, Jimmy Choo, Armani, Marc Jacobs. Not exactly brands you find at your neighborhood thrift store. But these are exactly the kind of brands coveted by the team at Second Time Around, a posh consignment store in New York City that hardly features thrifty prices.

Bravo’s Fashion Hunters features four fashion gurus on a mission. To convince as many socialites, celebrities, high-powered executives and wealthy fashionistas to sell their clothes to Second Time Around. The price negotiations are usually rough. No one wants to hear they’ll only get $2,000 for a dress they originally paid $15,000 for. But that’s the way fashion works, and with today’s economy most people will take what they can get.

While I think the concept has potential, I’m not a huge fan. It’s hard to relate to the women’s die hard fashion obsession, and I’ve never even heard of a lot of the brands they live for. It’s also hard for me to be sympathetic to a woman donned in fur and diamonds for getting less than she expected for her Dolce and Gabanna trench coat. From pouting to hissy fits to screaming matches, none of it seems justified for a (used) piece of clothing.

It’s hard for me to not like any show on Bravo (pretty sure this is the only one on the entire network I’m on the fence about), but maybe it’s just not for poor college students like me. I’m lucky if I have $50 to shop at Forever 21, making it kind of hard to relate to these people’s “struggles” to get enough money for their fashion treasures. It would help a lot  if the personal lives of those working at the store were featured more, instead of just their work life.

Check out these tips about how to get this season’s fashion on a budget from Bravo’s own fashion hunters. Although I’m guessing we have a different version of “on a budget.”