Rachel Zoe: Baby Changes Everything

It’s hard to believe that the tiny, 40-something borderline anorexic fashion guru that is Rachel Zoe could give birth. She’s pleaded with her husband (who pushed the whole baby issue until she finally got pregnant) that she might be too weak to even carry a baby. Fitting a baby into her 18-hour coast-to-coast workdays isn’t exactly easy either. Somehow, Zoe did get pregnant, and it seems like she’s so much better for it.

Although she did call her baby an alien taking over her body while she was pregnant, it’s hard to deny how cute she is with baby Skylar. The baby’s closet may be worth more than most people’s homes, but Rachel does genuinely seem to love being a mommy and has actually cut down her schedule to she can spend time with Skylar.

In the season finale, “Baby Changes Everything,” Zoe can’t bear to part from her baby so she decides to bring him on the set of a photo shoot. It’s hilarious to see type-A Zoe try to balance work with taking care of her baby, and I think every mom can relate (despite Zoe’s oh so glamorous work life). It’s nice to see the softer side of Zoe, and it’s definitely helped with the ratings.

Watch this hilarious episode of the Rachel Zoe parody “Real Moments with Rachel Zoe,” making fun of Rachel with her baby.


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