The Walking Dead: Cherokee Rose

I admit it. I love The Walking Dead (I might’ve even had a dream last night where zombies were chasing me through Atlanta). That being said, I’m getting so fed up with this season. The group has barely moved from the farm all season, and even Hershel is begging them to move on (I guess the writers don’t get the hint). Maybe it’s something to do with the new writers this season, but things are moving painfully slow. At this point I’m so sick of them searching for Sophia I’d rather them just find her dead.

In this week’s episode, the gang has to try to get a walker out of the well without blowing it’s brains out, which would contaminate the water even more. After almost the whole episode is spent trying to get the rope around his neck (with Glenn almost getting eaten in the process), the walker ends up breaking in half anyways on the way up and all of its insides pour into their water supply. Storylines like these aren’t bad, but they’re dragged out so much it leaves me craving some real action.

After this ordeal, Maggie and Glenn head to the pharmacy to pick up some more medicine. They end up having sex after an awkward exchange in the feminine hygiene aisle, adding a humorous level of sexual tension to the group that’s refreshing in light of the heavy love triangle between Rick, Shane and Lori. Glenn was there in the first place to pick up a secret pregnancy test for Lori, and it’s revealed at the end of the episode that she is in fact pregnant. Can’t wait to find out who the baby daddy is!

Check out a preview of tonight’s new episode. Let’s just hope it picks up a little, or else The Walking Dead might lose the huge number of fans it has worked so hard to get.


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