The New Girl

Who would’ve though an indie film/music starlet would want to be on a prime-time network sitcom? Zooey Deschanel definitely took a risk taking time away from film to work on The New Girl, but it’s definitely paying off. The show is awkward, unpredictable and hilarious.

As the highest-rated scripted show for FOX since The Bernie Mac Show in 2001, The New Girl will be around for while. After just two episodes FOX ordered a full season of 24 episodes, an ambitious show of confidence in the fledgling series (plus it’s way cheaper to produce than high-budget flops like the recently cancelled Charlie’s Angels remake).

While Zooey Deschanel is clearly what piqued people’s interest initially (her 2009 Cotton ad seems to play even more since the series started), the guys who play her roommates hold their own against her bumbling, quirky character. After her boyfriend cheats on her, Jess moves in with Nick the bartender, who’s also a mess from his recent breakup, Schmidt the arrogant ladies man and Winston the basketball player. They all serve as a goofy yet believable support system for Jess.

What makes the series unique is the dynamic between Jess and the guys. “I wanted a girl sort of walking into a different world – a guy world,” says Liz Meriwether, the series creator. “Guys help you in a different way than girls can. You get that tough love.”

Here’s a look into how Zooey picked the adorable theme song, which she sings herself.


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