American Horror Story

I’ve been dying to watch American Horror Story ever since I heard about it. TV shows in this genre are hard to come by, and a lot of them don’t have the network freedom FX gives (ahem Supernatural on The CW) to be truly creepy. Although the show isn’t exactly scary (to be fair it takes a lot to scare me, especially on the small screen), its mystical characters are eery and leave you guessing what’s real, what’s not and who’s actually dead.

The AV Club compares the show with Lost (,63341/), which I don’t completely agree with but I can see some of the similarities. Just as in Lost, the main character is the location and because of this stereotyped characters are featured instead of well-developed, dynamic characters.

In the first episode, the Harmon family moves across the country to start a new life after Vivien catches her husband cheating on her. Their daughter, Violet, is a troubled teenager who cuts herself and is tormented by the girls at school. She finds solace in one of her father’s psychiatry patients, who her father tries to report to the police after explaining his school killing fantasies. Different characters wonder in and out of the house, where the previous couple supposedly died in a murder suicide, and it’s hard to know if anyone is actually real. Featured is an ever-present maid who Vivien sees as a decrepit old woman while Ben sees her as a hot young woman decked out in lingerie.

At the end of the episode, Vivien reveals she is pregnant again (they previously suffered a very late-term miscarriage that tore them apart), and I have a feeling this baby is not quite human.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to stay with the show yet, but it does have potential.

Here’s a look into the special effects that make the show so creepy.


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