Pan Am: The Genuine Article

What I liked about this episode:

  • Character development! Finally! We learned a little more about Maggie’s past this episode, shedding light on Pan Am’s spunkiest yet most elusive stewardess. Maggie worked her way up by picking up students’ dropped classes while working at a university’s registrar office, and got the job at Pan Am by passing as fluent in Portuguese with the phrase, “Clean up at table 9.” How little we know about the characters’ pasts has always bugged me. I’ve watched every show this season and still have trouble remembering names. That doesn’t happen with well-developed characters.
  • I loved how Maggie told Mr. Havemayer about the affair between Captain Dean and Ginny to save her job. It serves the Captain right for hooking up with a Pan Am executive’s girlfriend. It’s also nice to see a little real drama that doesn’t have to do with the CIA
  • Kate and Niko’s romance. It’s the most genuine and endearing relationship on the show. Can’t wait to see what happens when the CIA attempts to make him an agent.

What I didn’t like:

  • Why was Laura so upset about Maggie lying about speaking Portuguese? She only got the job because of her sister and good looks.
  • Who does Ginny think she is professing her love for Captain Dean? The line seemed very manufactured and downright bizarre. Hooking up twice does not mean they are in love!
  • The disjointed story lines and bad writing. I love the premise of Pan Am but it has never really been a cohesive show. Corny, campy story lines that have nothing to do with each other are way too common with this show. This especially seems to be the case with anything having to do with Laura. It seems like they are trying to fit way too much in each episode.

Here’s a look into what life at Pan Am was like for the executive producer, Nancy Ganis. Even though it’s not quite coming through with the writing, it’s great how in touch she is with the show’s premise.


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