The Walking Dead: Bloodletting

In this week’s episode, Carl is in danger of dying from a gunshot wound, accidentally inflicted by an unsuspecting neighbor who was shooting a deer. Luckily, the shooter’s friend is a doctor. The bad news? He’s a vet (No Lori not a war veteran, a veterinarian that specializes in farm animals). Not exactly the doctor you want pulling bullet fragments out of your little boy, but it’s better than nothing.

Unfortunately, the vet doesn’t have all of the equipment necessary to perform the complicated surgery so Shane and Otis (the shooter) have to venture to the nearby walker infested elementary school to gather FEMA supplies. They get the supplies, but are trapped in behind a flimsy wire fence as the episode ends.To make matters worse, the walkers are meaner, faster, and scarier than ever. No more dragging their feet and drooling. These walkers can run almost as fast as the people.

Meanwhile, Sophia is still missing. It seems like either Carl or Sophia has to die with the condition they are both in, but you never know what the writers have up their sleeves. I like how this new group of survivors have joined the group, and it’ll be interesting to see how their stories intersect with the original cast.

Check out this sneak peak of next week’s episode, Save the Last One. What will happen to Carl if Shane and Otis don’t make it back?!


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