Grey’s Anatomy: Poker Face

Callie, Arizona, Sloan Grey's Anatomy

I keep on waiting for Grey’s Anatomy to have at least one episode reminiscent of the exciting, emotional action-packed shows of the first few seasons. What happened to the days of bombs in stomach cavities, ferry collisions, George being the crush victim and Izzie cutting Denny’s LVAT line? No matter how much I hold out, the writers keep disappointing with fluffy, campy story lines that really don’t have much to do with saving lives at all.

In this episode, the pressure of fifth year gets to the residents. If they have too many “bad outcomes” (patient deaths), they risk ruining their chances of becoming an attending. This causes the residents to be ridiculously cautious. Since when did Christina back out of a crazy surgery to rebuild a spine? Alex even refuses to do a somewhat experimental heart surgery for fear it will lead to a sixth death.

Since Derek isn’t under all this pressure, he performs an unheard of tumor surgery on a mom right after she has her baby. Unfortunately, dynamic story lines such as these are few and far between and are overshadowed by the ridiculous drama between the doctors. I also am dying for the mouse trial to finish. I get that they are trying to cure diabetes here but watching doctors do things to mice does not make great TV. I’m sure it’s awful that the mice are suddenly hyperglycemic but I just don’t care. Give me some real patients!

The main focus is on Arizona and Callie’s sex life. In an effort to be in baby Sophia’s life as much as possible, Sloan starts to get in the way of the women’s sex life. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Christina and Hunt are having sex nonstop to avoid having to talk about the abortion. Meredith and Derek also start having sex again after all of the drama with Meredith. Bailey is still avoiding all of the men in her life and is instead pouring all of her energy into the chief’s mouse trial. Not exactly gripping stuff.

Will Grey’s Anatomy ever go back to how it was or should it just be cancelled now?


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