Grey’s Anatomy: What is it About Men?

Alex and comic book fan

This week’s episode focused on the men of Seattle Grace, and fell completely flat. Grey’s Anatomy hasn’t been nearly as good since the first few seasons, but there’s been plenty of gems such as the epic shooter episode that keep me watching. For some reason this season it seems like they aren’t even trying to bring the medical drama that keeps the show so gripping. Even the sinkhole storyline last week was weak, and provided little emotional attachment to the cases of those involved.

From jokes about erectile dysfunction to a sexy zombie nurse with fake injuries to nerds fighting over comic book paraphernalia, this episode was full of cheap humor and completely lacking in substance. The most serious plot line was when Sloan freaks out when little Sophia rolls over for the first time and falls off of the couch onto the floor. After a crazy amount of tests she turns out to be just fine, and Alex explains that the only reason she hasn’t cried since the fall is because she loves spending time with her daddy (kind of cute I have to admit).

The one heartbreaking moment of the episode was when Derek admits how he doesn’t know if he’s going to make it without Meredith by his side. Last week, social services took away their adopted baby after Meredith’s behavior made it seem like they may not be in the best place to be parents. Derek has been furious at her eve since, but is starting to break down this episode.

This seems ridiculously unrealistic to me. Both Meredith and Derek are doctors, clearly love the kid and saved her from a certain death in Africa. Now social services deems them unfit because they are having marital problems and because of Meredith’s questionable ethics at work? It seems like Grey’s Anatomy is making some really bad choices in attempt to add more drama to the mix. I just hope next week’s episode gets back on track to the Grey’s Anatomy I used to love.


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