Modern Family: Door to Door

Jay and Manny at door

This week’s episode was just as funny as ever. I loved how most of the characters were united in a “door to door” theme, with Claire trying to get help from her family to get a petition signed, Gloria and Cam searching for Jay’s dog Stella and Jay trying to teach Manny the basics of business through selling wrapping paper. Although last week’s episode was hilarious, the storyline were a little disjointed and the transitions between scenes seemed forced. This week, everything flowed seamlessly in classic Modern Family style.

Some of the best lines came from the storyline with Cam and Mitchell, where they both try to avoid cleaning up the ridiculous mess Cam made making an extravagant meal. Neat freak Mitchell tries to prove a point by leaving the mess there all day, and Cam is secretly trying to avoid it because it grosses him out too. He tries to make Mitchell into the bad guy, saying, “I’m going to take Lily to school and when I get home, I’m going to scrub this place like a crime scene. Which it is. Because you murdered joy.” When Gloria asks Cam to help her find Stella the dog, Cam hilariously channels his inner A Streetcar Named Desire while dramatically yelling Stella in the middle of the road.

The two twins that used to play Lily have been replaced by the bubbly Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, supposedly because the previous two wins hated being on set and just wanted to be kids. That was definitely obvious from the lack of any expression on their faces during the show. Kudos to the mom for choosing what’s right for her kids over the money. It’s a refreshing change that the slightly older new Lily seems to love the spotlight and can deliver her lines flawlessly.

I’m loving the direction of this season, and can’t wait to see what the writers have planned for the rest of it.


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