Dexter: Those Kinds of Things

The season premiere of Dexter, “Those Kinds of Things,” brought Dexter back to the tride and true formula that works so well. It picks up 12 months after Rita was brutally killed in front of Harrison during the horrifying season finale, allowing Dexter to go back to his old ways and freeing the writers from having to deal with how Dexter reacts to the tragedy.

When he goes to his high school reunion to hunt down a classmate that killed the only girl who was actually nice to him, he actually seems to enjoy the attention he receives from classmates. Dexter has clearly evolved since the last season, and even hooks up with a former classmate instead of focusing on his target just because he wants to. This is a far cry from the Dexter who used to force himself to have sex with Rita just to appear normal.

A lot of this episode had to do religion, and judging by the trailer it seems as if this might be major theme for the whole season. Dexter explores a very Catholic preschool for Harrison, and questions Angel about God supposedly for Harisson’s sake. Dexter seems to be trying to make sense of the world, and is starting to participate in it rather than just go through the motions as he used to. A gruesome murder the team is working for also has religious undertones, with 7 snakes emerging from a sewn up body.

I love how the writers set up the season with this episode, and I feel like the 2 killers introduced have potential to be as great as the ice truck killer. The only downside is the rumors that Michael C. Hall (Dexter) is having problems negotiating his salary for future seasons. Don’t take away Dexter!!


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