Dance Moms: It All Ends Here

Chloe and mom

Dance Moms is Lifetime’s new show about the Abby Lee Dance Company, a cutthroat dance studio where girls and their moms will literally do anything to come out on top. In this world dance come before everything else, including schoolwork. Mothers spend tens of thousands of dollars a year, drive several hours out of their way every day to take their daughters to rehearsal and travel across the county in hopes that their daughters will secure a national title.

The most heartbreaking plot line of the show is the rivalry between Maddie and Chloe, which was highlighted on this episode. Maddie is clearly Abby’s favorite, and she devotes as much time and attention to her as she does to everyone else combined. Chloe comes in close talent-wise, and is constantly heartbroken coming in second.

In this episode, “It All Ends Here,” the girls are competing for a national title. Chloe and Maddie are paired in a Black Swan routine, with Chloe playing the evil black swan with Maddie playing the angelic white swan (big surprise). Abby always tries to make a statement with her dances (in a 7 deadly sins dance Chloe was envy while Maddie was greed), and it’s clear she’s yet again playing on the drama between Chloe and Maddie.

The duet won, but Maddie came out on top as the ultimate title winner after Chloe froze in terror during her solo routine, clearly rattled by the intense pressure. As always, the rest of the girls are completely left behind, and are left wearing “bras from the mall” instead of the custom made masterpieces constructed for Chloe and Maddie.

Abby’s criticism of the girls and their mothers never seems to end, despite the fact that she is so overweight she probably hasn’t been able to dance in decades. Even six-year-old Mackenzie is mature enough to comment that she doesn’t believe most of what Abby says. A cruel way this criticism plays out is the pyramid of the girls’ photographs that Abby creates every week, showing the girls and their mothers exactly who is at the top and who isn’t. Clearly Abby produces talented dancers, but it seems like the mother’s would realize that the studio (and this tv show) is robbing their daughters of their childhoods and interfering with their own lives (several of the women even admit that dance has ruined their marriages).


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