Rachel Zoe: Baby Changes Everything

It’s hard to believe that the tiny, 40-something borderline anorexic fashion guru that is Rachel Zoe could give birth. She’s pleaded with her husband (who pushed the whole baby issue until she finally got pregnant) that she might be too weak to even carry a baby. Fitting a baby into her 18-hour coast-to-coast workdays isn’t exactly easy either. Somehow, Zoe did get pregnant, and it seems like she’s so much better for it.

Although she did call her baby an alien taking over her body while she was pregnant, it’s hard to deny how cute she is with baby Skylar. The baby’s closet may be worth more than most people’s homes, but Rachel does genuinely seem to love being a mommy and has actually cut down her schedule to she can spend time with Skylar.

In the season finale, “Baby Changes Everything,” Zoe can’t bear to part from her baby so she decides to bring him on the set of a photo shoot. It’s hilarious to see type-A Zoe try to balance work with taking care of her baby, and I think every mom can relate (despite Zoe’s oh so glamorous work life). It’s nice to see the softer side of Zoe, and it’s definitely helped with the ratings.

Watch this hilarious episode of the Rachel Zoe parody “Real Moments with Rachel Zoe,” making fun of Rachel with her baby.


Fashion Hunters

Chanel, Jimmy Choo, Armani, Marc Jacobs. Not exactly brands you find at your neighborhood thrift store. But these are exactly the kind of brands coveted by the team at Second Time Around, a posh consignment store in New York City that hardly features thrifty prices.

Bravo’s Fashion Hunters features four fashion gurus on a mission. To convince as many socialites, celebrities, high-powered executives and wealthy fashionistas to sell their clothes to Second Time Around. The price negotiations are usually rough. No one wants to hear they’ll only get $2,000 for a dress they originally paid $15,000 for. But that’s the way fashion works, and with today’s economy most people will take what they can get.

While I think the concept has potential, I’m not a huge fan. It’s hard to relate to the women’s die hard fashion obsession, and I’ve never even heard of a lot of the brands they live for. It’s also hard for me to be sympathetic to a woman donned in fur and diamonds for getting less than she expected for her Dolce and Gabanna trench coat. From pouting to hissy fits to screaming matches, none of it seems justified for a (used) piece of clothing.

It’s hard for me to not like any show on Bravo (pretty sure this is the only one on the entire network I’m on the fence about), but maybe it’s just not for poor college students like me. I’m lucky if I have $50 to shop at Forever 21, making it kind of hard to relate to these people’s “struggles” to get enough money for their fashion treasures. It would help a lot  if the personal lives of those working at the store were featured more, instead of just their work life.

Check out these tips about how to get this season’s fashion on a budget from Bravo’s own fashion hunters. Although I’m guessing we have a different version of “on a budget.”

Sister Wives

One man, four wives, 16 kids. Television genius right? That’s what TLC thought when renewing the second season for its popular show, Sister Wives. While scripted shows like HBO’s Big Love have addressed modern polygamist culture, Sister Wives is the first reality show featuring plural marriage.

The whole concept of polygamy completely freaks me out. My husband spending one-fourth of his nights in bed with another woman? How is that fair! But Browns definitely give a different perspective on the lifestyle, and dispel the myth that all polygamists live on compounds with child brides and no modern technology. It seems unfair that they get so much attention from authorities while thousands of other families living this lifestyle are ignored, but I guess that’s the price you pay for being so public about it.

All in all, the Browns are a relatively normal religious family. There are fights and clashes just like any family, but everyone genuinely seems to love each other. Robin is Kody’s newest wife, and although there are some jealousy issues (she’s much better looking, younger, and weighs a good 50 pounds less than the other wives), in each episode she and her kids seem to fit in the family more and more.

The Browns recently moved to Las Vegas (not really sure how this fits in with their conservative lifestyle but ok) after being chased out of Utah by authorities trying to make an example out of them. Although they previously had one large house with one bedroom and mini house for each of the wives (Kody moves around), in Las Vegas they’re forced to rent four houses in the same neighborhood. This messes with the group dynamic, and causes the family to spend less and less time together. Still, the Browns still spend much more family time than most, and there relationships with each other are really sweet.

Here’s a look at the wives on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Do you think you could do it?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Tea Party Throwdown

Russel and Taylor Armstrong

“We don’t say that he hits you,” Camille  yells. “We don’t say that he broke your jaw or that he beat you up and he hits you. We don’t say that. But now we said it!” That’s what the promo for tonight features, and the episode sure doesn’t disappoint. At Lisa’s formal tea party of all places, the drama is higher than ever.

Before Camille’s insistence that Taylor comes clean about being abused by Russel, which wraps up the episode, Taylor stands strong against Lisa’s bullying. “I’m trying to find self-esteem. I’m trying to be who you are. or who you are or who you are,” she says, pointing at Lisa and Adrienne. “But I’m not there yet.” Although I think everyone’s sick of how timid and weak Taylor has been in the face of Lisa’s attacks as well the accusations that her husband hits her, this was hardly the response viewers were looking for.

“You don’t need to be who I am or she is, you need to be yourself,” says Lisa. Although she has been awful to Taylor, especially regarding her low weight, Lisa is definitely right on with this one. Instead of owning up to her own issues and taking action to protect herself against her husband, Taylor is simply trying to present the strong front the other women portray. The problem is the other women aren’t acting, but actually are stable, happy and confident (okay by reality tv standards, and except for Kim, but that’s another issue).

What disturbed me even more than Taylor’s lack of confidence was how almost all of friends either didn’t believe her or thought she was exaggerating about Russel abusing her. I guess I can understand how the public might not buy her claims. But her best friends?

They might’ve been put together for TV, but they still spend a lot of time together. Of course some people lie about abuse for whatever reason, but I think it’s awful that some of Taylor’s best friends automatically assume she’s lying just because they haven’t seen her injusries with their own eyes.

Given all of Taylor and Russel’s issues, this season of The Real Housewives has gotten way too heavy for my taste. Especially given how much the other women are ganging up against her. I miss the plastic the surgery and Giggy drama!

Pan Am: Unscheduled Departure

Despite all the hype leading up to the show, Pan Am is still struggling to find loyal fans. According to this article, despite the show’s dismal performance in the U.S., it’s an international superstar. In Sweden, it’s even the most popular foreign series ever. Too bad there aren’t more Swedish people in the U.S!

In this episode, the captain makes the tough decision to make an emergency landing after a passenger has a heart attack. The conditions in Haiti are anything but welcoming, with a hurricane shutting down the airport and causing chaos everywhere. This episode might be entertaining, but it’s definitely nowhere close to believable.

What’s so crazy about this episode?

1. The crew chooses to land a plane in a hurricane with no runway lights and no ground crew. Helping an almost dead old man is definitely not worth almost killing hundreds of people on board.

2. The runway lights turn on 5 seconds before they land. That’s safe considering they didn’t even know they’re close to the ground. Couldn’t they have just circled until they saw the lights come on? I get the guy is in danger but seriously! He can wait 2 minutes.

3. Armed Haitians are everywhere. On the plane. In the woods. And yet the crew still thinks it’s a good idea to pay them off and wonder into the wilderness to find a doctor while people with guns take over their plane.

4. The Captain takes off using a technique that’s apparently meant for fighter jets since the runway is too short. The passengers even have to get rid of all their luggage to help make the plane lighter. Again, everything was miraculously okay.

5. The old man dies anyway. Why was this all worth it again?

Take a look at what Mike Vogel thinks of the episode. Clearly he’s more impressed than I am.

The Real Houswives of Atlanta: Surpisingly Rich

Kroy and Kim, pregnant

This episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta was all about relationships.

Kim reveals that even though her and Kroy are moving “slow” (despite being 8 months pregnant with his child), she’s ready to get engaged as soon as Kroy pops the question. All of the ladies fawn over Kroy when he throws Kim an adorable surprise party, complete with a personal masseuse for Kim to ease her pregnancy pain. Kroy seems like a genuinely good guy, and it’s hilarious to see how the down home country boy deals with over-the-top Kim. What are Kim’s favorite things?  Louis Vitton, wigs and jewels. Kroy’s? Hunting, football and beer.

Phaedra’s strange obsession with death is revealed this episode when she tries to convince Apollo that they should open a funeral home together. She wants it to be the Ritz of funeral homes, and is sure to mention she’s especially interested in catering to spouses whose life insurance policies have kicked in.

Where this fascination came from is a mystery, especially since given her successful career as an entertainment lawyer she’s not exactly lacking in income. Apollo is thoroughly freaked out, and even though he has trouble keeping a job because of his criminal record he has no interest in any career related to death. Between this rejection and the revelation that they aren’t having sex anymore, Apollo and Phaedra don’t seem to be doing very well.

Meanwhile, Cynthia, Kandi and NeNe all head down to Miami to get some time away. Although everyone seems to vilify NeNe, I feel sorry for her. She is going through a divorce with an absent and cold Greg, and hasn’t been with anyone else her entire life. Even when a group of cute guys hits on the girls on the beach, the usually outspoken NeNe is so caught off guard she backs away like a scared little puppy.

As for Cynthia, who knows how her marriage is doing. By the looks of next week’s episode, its seems Peter and Apollo are the one’s getting into a cat fight instead of the ladies. Can’t wait!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Your Face or Mine

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Taylor, Botox, Paul

This season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has an unexpectedly dark tone to it due to the recent suicide of Taylor’s husband amid the allegations that he abused her. While the abuse hasn’t come out on the show yet, the cause of Taylor’s downward spiral and mental breakdown is well known and from the previews it looks like Camille outs the real cause to the country in the next episode.

While some people have blamed the franchise for his suicide, I think Russel as a consenting adult (who happened to have made a lot of money of the show) knew what he was getting himself into and would have done the same thing regardless. Taylor boldly notes she’s lucky it was a suicide rather than a murder-suicide, which some domestic violence situations lead to.

It’s hard to watch Taylor’s struggle, but it’s also hard to watch what Kim’s going through. Paul’s sweet side comes out when he gently points out her droopy eyelids and slurred speech, which have sparked accusations that she’s drinking again (last season it was revealed she’s an alcoholic), or even worse doing some sort of hard drugs (ahem Brandy). Paul gets to the root of the issue in this episode, coaxing Kim to list off her drug cocktail and encouraging her to adjust it.

The reason Kim has been acting so erratic is also revealed. It turns out she has a secret boyfriend of over a year, and is moving our of Beverly Hills to move in with him. This reduces Kyle to tears, which comes off a little selfish to me considering how lonely her sister has been since her kids went off to college.

The seance featured in this episode is a little gimmicky, and the psychic clearly didn’t even go past the first page of a Google search to come up with her “visions”.

It’s nice that there’s some real drama on the show for once, but it is a little depressing given all of the serious issues going on. Even Camille was hit hard this episode when she discovers Kelsey is filing for full custody after being completely absent from their kids lives since leaving her out of the blue for his pregnant girlfriend.